• Как выбрать цвет и размер раковины. Купить раковину в Алматы

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    steklyannaya-rakovina-01При существующем сегодня ассортименте раковин сложно сделать выбор. Большинство современных моделей  раковин и умывальников производится из белого санфаянса или санфарфора, что объясняется определенными причинами. В первую очередь, это нейтральный белый цвет с приятным блеском, он подходит к любому интерьеру ванной комнаты. Во вторых, это то, что обычно ванные также имеют белый цвет. Также, фарфор и фаянс почти не царапаются, поэтому имеют длительный срок службы. Но есть в этих материалов и недостатки, основной из которых – хрупкость — раковина для ванной их этих материалов, при падении в нее чего-то тяжелого может легко разбиться на мелкие кусочки. Read more »

  • Большие женские сумки в магазине сумок Киев

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    1004Стильные и трендовые женские сумки сейчас очень популярны. Продажей таких элегантных сумок занимается интернет магазин Вардис. Классическая женская сумочка всегда была дополнением к любому образу. Женщины покупали различной формы и стиля сумки, с одной целью – быть элегантнее и выделяться. В современном мире ничего не изменилось. Дамы так же, как и раньше приобретают себе в коллекцию различные модели сумок. Read more »

  • Essence of mythology of UFO=EXTRATERRESTRIAL

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    cucIn Ufology we have people talking and/or writing for other people about what they say they believe, or about what other individuals say about UFOs as Extraterrestrial crafts.
    UFO fantasists talk, but also remain silent when any idea, or theory, or logical explanation contradicts their ideology. Read more »

  • Three states of the USA could see UFO at the beginning of November

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    michigan ufo, USA, ovni, ufo, michigan  alienEarlier we reported «UFO ‘Close Encounter’ Videotaped in Michigan, USA. Now we’ve learn same UFO has been sighted over Cleveland, Ohio, USA on November 1, 2013 and Lithia Springs Douglas County, Georgia, USA on November 14, 2013

    Second UFO Sighting : Cleveland, Ohio, USA November 1, 2014  Read more »

  • Aliens spaceships probably again attack our earth in December

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    alien_oct_2013Three giant alien spaceships are again heading for Earth!  Scientists predict the new ships will arrive in December 2013.

    UFO encounters continue to increase – as documented on WWN.  And today scientists at SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), an independent non-commercial organization,  made a major announcement: Read more »

  • Whether aliens can will be born on Mars?

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    Mars_Building-270x270A new and exciting theory to the possibility of ancient aliens and their past influence on human civilizations has been captivating many for years.  But what if the Ancient Alien theory has more to the story?  What if Ancient Aliens are not from distant planets, but rather, from a dormant neighbor that once held a civilization of ancient humans! Read more »

  • Ancient history about existence of aliens

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    Ancient_Aliens_Moai-EAccording to ancient alien theorists, extraterrestrials with superior knowledge of science and engineering landed on Earth thousands of years ago, sharing their expertise with early civilizations and forever changing the course of human history. But how did this concept develop, and is there any evidence to support it? Read more »

  • It is considered that UFO arose on one of other planets

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    ufo universe scientistThe present theory starts with formal derivations of two, four, eight and a maximum of twenty-four identical universes that co-exist in nature. The universes are located in different compartments of four-dimensional space-times (or worlds). The earth, the sun, the other planets in the solar system, the Milky Way (galaxy) and the billions of other galaxies, which make up this gigantic universe of ours, in this our space-time compartment, are identically replicated in other 23 space-time compartments, and constitute 23 other universes. The natural laws are the same in all the 24 universes. Read more »

  • Experts claim that incidents of UFO can be explained

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    UFO-UFOs-sighting-sightings-alien-aliens-Angelina-Jolie-orb-orbs-NASAThere have been many recent reports of UFO sightings in many different regions and the latest incident involved netizens from Shanghai, Zhejiang, Nanjing and Ganzhou of Jiangxi Province, who claimed they saw UFOs all at different times on Aug. 7.

    Along with the continual media coverage, public attention also heated up, and some people even connected it with the recent abnormal weather and natural pits in many regions, and claimed the world would end in 2012. All of a sudden, different rumors are everywhere. Read more »

  • UFO or after all cloud? Inhabitants of Florida were shocked

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    HT_ufo_florida_tk_130809_16x9_608Florida residents spied a possible unidentified flying object, prompting phone calls to the National UFO reporting center after seeing a strange bluish substance in the sky.

    Meredith Hockaday, 32, said she was walking her dog in Lighthouse Point, Fla., August 7 when she saw a strange light in the sky. Initially, she thought a plane had exploded, and began taking pictures and video. And then she noticed a strange cloud. At that point, she said, she considered the possibility that it was a UFO, and called her husband “freaking out.” But he could not explain the site either. Read more »