• Is there an aliens on Moon?..

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    Alien on moon

    The human foot has already trod on the lunar surface, however, visit all corners of the satellite of our planet — not an easy task. One of the most beautiful and most secret places on the Moon is round plain, which is surrounded by a ring of mountains, it is also called » Plato Circus» This beautiful place has attracted the attention of astronomers and ufologists. Although, in this valley, there isn’t a lot of anomalies, there are periods, when there is incredible activity, explain what is not so easy. In the distant 1686 astronomer Francesco Bianchini, during the eclipse of the moon, said that from the Moon and to the Earth stretches bright red and blue pillar of light. There was an impression, that someone tried to build a bridge and escape from the embrace of darkness. Later it was found that the light originated in the above-mentioned plains. The last such phenomenon was seen by astronomers in 1927. This mysterious phenomenon has not received an explanation to our days. Scientists and astronomers have reviewed several possible causes of glowing, but none of them has no effect. Some ufologists put forward their point of view. Watching the glow, experts on UFOs noticed that the light on the moon took place not only in the «Plato Circus», but in some places, like someone lit the fuses for the light. In their view, a mysterious light can be a kind of beacon, but for whom?..